Dessert medley from Solo Bake, available for delivery in Dublin with any of our feast kits.
All Of The Cake
All Of The Cake
All Of The Cake
All Of The Cake

All Of The Cake

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Tahini Brownie,
Carrot Cardamom Cake,
Orange Almond Rose Cake 
& Chocolate Chili Cake

Serves 4

Can't decide which cake you want? No problem, you can have them all.

Get a serving each of our rich Tahini Brownie (V), perfectly light Carrot Cardamom Cake, fudgy Chocolate Chili Cake (GF) and a flavour-punch of Orange Almond Rose Cake. No judgement here, they're all great choices, but the best choice is all of them.

All of our desserts keep well for a few days after delivery.

Note: Desserts may only be ordered alongside a Bash Box. We are unable to delivery dessert-only orders.

The specific allergens of each dessert are as follows:

  • Carrot Cardamom Cake: Wheat, Walnuts, Eggs, Milk 
  • Tahini Brownie (V):  Wheat, Walnuts, Sesame, Soya 
  • Orange Almond Rose Cake: Almonds, Wheat, Eggs, Milk 
  • Chocolate Chili Cake (GF): Eggs, Soya, Milk.
While our  Chocolate Chili Cake is made with gluten-free ingredients, please be aware that wheat and gluten are used in our kitchen so we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of these in any of our desserts.